What is the Master Gardener Program?
The Master Gardener Program provides training in horticulture to interested gardeners who then volunteer their time assisting with educational programs and activities for Ohio residents through their local Ohio State University Extension county office.  The training classes are a fun and enjoyable learning experience. Anyone with a love of flowers and gardening can be a Master Gardener.

Working with county Extension personnel, Master Gardeners provide such educational services to their communities as: answering gardening questions from the public; conducting plant clinics; gardening activities with children, senior citizens, or disabled persons; beautifying the community; developing community or demonstration gardens; and other horticultural activities.
How did the Master Gardener Program originate?
The Master Gardener program originated in Seattle, Washington in 1972.  The Extension Agent in the King County office of the Washington State Extension Service began to train and utilize the expertise of volunteers in order to more effectively reach the gardening public with research-based educational information.  It was a great concept that has now spread across the United States, Canada and to other countries.
The Master Gardener program in Ohio has existed since the late 1970s and has grown steadily.  Although it's initial start and growth was in the more urban counties of our state, there are now nearly 3000 active Master Gardeners in more than 60 Ohio counties, urban, suburban and rural.
How do I know if I would make a good Master Gardener?

You could qualify to be an Ohio Master Gardener if:

  • You want to learn more about plants and gardening.
  • You are eager to participate in a practical and a very educational training program.
  • You enjoy sharing your knowledge with others.
  • You have the time to attend training and serve your community as a volunteer educator.

How can I find out more about the Allen County Master Gardener program?
For more information on your local Master Gardener program contact the office at 419-879-9108 and ask for Joanne Rex (Master Gardener coordinator).  Joanne will be happy to answer any other questions you may have.