Please check back for 2024 dates and rules. The 2023 rules and instructions are here to give general information and are subject to change for 2024. Rule changes and dates for 2024 will be available the beginning of 2024. 

May 31, 2024 - Sheep and Goat weigh in from 6 - 7:30 pm - more info to come after the first of the year regarding any possible rule changes.

2023 Rules

Sheep Exhibitors- Families with multiple exhibitors can register one (1) or two (2) floater animals PER FAMILY in all exhibitors’ names at June weigh-ins. The floater animal shall be assigned to one exhibitor by Jr. Fair online entry deadline. Family may weigh in a maximum of four (4) market lambs per exhibitor.

Goat Exhibitors – Limit 3 market goats per exhibitor. If bringing 3 market goats, at least one must be a pure dairy market goat (not dairy/meat mix) and at least one must be a meat market goat. Exhibitors can tag in a total of 4 market goats in the June tag in. One must be a Dairy Market Goat and entered in the correct class, and one can be a family floater.

Market Goats and Market Lambs must be castrated, have scrapie tag, and be dehorned before tag-in.

All Goats and Lambs must have scrapie tags at tag-in. If you bought your animal and they don’t have scrapie tags, please contact the breeder.  If your animal is purchased outside the State of Ohio, you must provide a copy of the CVI at weigh in.

Please be sure to read the 2023 Sheep Department Rules for Born and Raised and Bred and Fed. The 2023 Exhibitor Handbook is currently available online at

2023 Weigh-in Guidelines

  1. Please enter the Fairgrounds off St. Rt. 117 at Gate 5, turn right and drive between the new sheep and goat and horse barn, turn left down the midway and then make a final left-hand turn between the old sheep and goat barn and the sheep and goat show arena.
  2. Stay in your cars, staff will come to you at your vehicle with further instructions.
  3. Tag-in paperwork will be completed by OSU Extension staff before tag-in. Born & Raised animals must provide a bill of sale at tag-in.
  4. During your tag-in you will park, remove your animal(s). You may tag your own animals or allow the superintendents. Weighing is optional.
  5. Please remember that your lambs and goats are your responsibility throughout the entire process of the tag-in and registration.

If you have any questions, please call the office at 419-879-9108.