Cloverbud Show and Tell will be held on August 13th from 1pm-6pm in the Youth Activities Building, please enter through the east doors.  Show and Tell is a mock judging for your Cloverbud to get familiar with the judging process. Jr. Fair Royalty will be interviewing the kids and asking them simple questions like 4-H pledge, 4-H Colors, 4-H motto and to share about their project. For participating in Show and Tell and displaying their project in the fair booth, your child will get a ribbon and premium.

After your child completes judging, they will then take their project over to the Youth Exhibits Building and put it into the Cloverbud booth or club booth (if your club has a booth). When dropping off your project to the booth, make sure your child’s Name, Age, & Club are on their project. 

CLICK HERE to schedule your time for Cloverbud Show and Tell.