Special Interest Judging is a pre-fair judging for all non-livestock projects. Every project needs to complete judging to finish the 4-H project and to display at the fair. 2019 Judging for all projects as well as any woodworking projects wanting to go to state fair is July 15th at Perry Elementary School from 2-7pm. Make up judging along with Gardening, Woodworking and Welding judging is August 15th at 1pm. Any make up interviews will need to scheduled with the office prior to August 15th and all projects being judged (other than woodworking, welding and gardening) will only recieve a grade and will not be eligable for any awards.

Livestock Interview Judging is August 10th. Judging will take place on the Fairgrounds and will being promptly at 9am. There will be no make up interviews. Every exhibitor will need to bring their project book and their current year insert if applicable. 

Click HERE for the 2019 Special Interest Judging Schedule

Click HERE for the 2019 Shooting Sports Judging Schedule