The 2024 Allen County Fair dates are August 16 - 24!
The 2024 Allen Co Jr. Fair Handbook will be available in early 2024. 

All Junior Fair exhibitors must enter online all projects they intend to bring to the Allen Co. Jr. Fair by July 1st. Please go to the link below to make your entries. Use your copy of the Jr. Fair Handbook (or online) to understand rules, regulations and classes before you begin. You may have multiple classes for livestock entries (ex. Market and Born and Raised) Horse, Pony, Llama/Alpaca, and Canine need to remember to enter your first animal as class 100 and second animal as class 101. 

Each year Jr. Fair Exhibitors enter as a NEW exhibitor and create a new password. Make sure to enter an email address, so you have confirmation that your entries were submitted correctly. 

CLICK HERE TO MAKE YOUR ONLINE JR FAIR ENTRIES - 2024 entries will be open in May 2024.