Nomination Form

Nomination and Selection Criteria:

Any individual, family, business, or corportation is eligible to receive the award who:

1. Is a current supporter at the time the application is made.

2. Has not previously received the award (the award may be received by an individual, family, business, or corporation only once)

3. Has given observable and/or measurable support and contribution to the 4-H program. Including:

  • Nominee has greatly impacted 4-h Youth and/or 4-H Volunteers
  • Nominee's activities involve many aspects of the 4-H Program
  • Nominee's involvement has outcomes that have positively affected the majority of the 4-H Youth and/or 4-H Volunteers

4. Multiple nominations for the same award do not constitute priority in selection. It is preferred that nominations include support letters or additional information to use in the selection.

NOTE: Only one individual, family, business, or corporation may be selected to receive the county-level award each year. If the applicaiton warrants, the nomination may be submitted for "Ohio Friend of 4-H" award consideration. The award will be presented during the Allen County 4-H Advisor Update each year. The person submitting the nomination may be notified of the award and will be asked to assist in "surprising" the award recipient.

Past Friend of 4-H Recipients:

1991 - Harry Shutt 1992 - Al Post
1993 - Calvin Leimbach 1994 - Maxene Jones
1995 - Noah Miller 1996 - Marty Hutchison
1997 - Mark Smith 1998 - Hancock Gas Service, Inc.
1999 - Don Miller 2000 - Pete Stout
2001 - Hunington National Bank 2002- Bill Henderson
2003 - Jackie Austin and Jay Begg 2004 - Tom Guy
2005 - Tom Miller 2006 - Keystone Meats
2007 - Mike Emerick 2008 - Donald Davis
2009 - Rita Plaugher, Lowell Hoy, and Shirley Mulholland 2010 - Sue Butcher
2011 - Terry Slane 2012 - Anne Deerhake
2013 - Jo McConnell 2014 - Gary Austin
2015 - Debra Schroeder 2016 - Jo Ellen Gellart
2017 - Kevin Dues and Betty Flinn 2018 - Steve Shafer
2019 - Bill and Lindy Flarida and Andy Kennedy 2020 - Barry Musselman
2021 - Dawn Arheit 2022 - Jim and Cindy Hefner