OSU Extension policy is that youth should participate in the 4-H program in their county of residence. EAch county 4-H program receives money for operation from their county government and local volunteers work hard to support their local programming. Therefore, across county membership is strongly discouraged.

If you have kids interested in joing a club that live out-of-county, they MUST complete a Request for Membership Across County LInes form and submit it to the 4-H educator in the county where membership is being requested. NOTE: This must be done as early as possible in the 4-H year as counties have different enrollment deadlines and the form may need to be processed early than our county deadline.

The Allen County deadline for this form to be submitted is April 15th. 

Permission for 4-H membership across county lines should NOT be assumed by the parents of the child or advisors until official notification is received from the 4-H staff in the county of request.

Request for Membership Across County Lines Form