Ohio State Fair Dog Show will be June 17-19, 2024. Agility Trial is July 24, 2024.

Please read the letter that our office received on December 22, 2023, from the Ohio 4-H Dog Program. 

"Let me start by saying finding dates and location for the Ohio State Fair Dog Show was more challenging than expected. The Fairgrounds & Expo Center are starting a two-year building renovation project. Because of construction and other scheduling issues Voinovich was not available for our show. The state fair offered the Coliseum and the Celeste Pavilion, but both had a few cons that made them less than desirable. Every square inch of the fairgrounds was explored. We looked at different buildings after the fair with no suitable solutions. Please know that there are very valid reasons why other locations and dates on the fairgrounds were ruled out. We explored off site options at centrally located fairgrounds. There were counties that might work but we would need to cut classes to fit in one building, or show in multiple buildings, plus pay rental fees, and move equipment. After all the discussions, we do have a plan!  

The moment you’ve all been waiting for…  The OSF Dog Show will be June 17-19. (it’s not a typo… the show is in June). We will be in Voinovich! The Agility Trial is July 24th in Taft Coliseum. (the first day of the fair). The entry deadline for dog exhibitors will be earlier than the rest of state fair competitors. We are planning on a late May deadline. This is a work in progress so I will get the word out when I have a specific date.

Everything has a tradeoff. I know this will present new issues with some fairs and 4-H camps. Considering some of the options discussed I believe this is the best possible solution and I am thrilled to pieces.

I am asking for your help. Please get information out to dog volunteers and key leaders in your county soon so they can start preparing for the shorter training season. First year handlers in beginner level projects will be most impacted by the early start date. Anything we can do to help exhibitors transition to earlier deadlines is important.

I’ll keep you posted as information floats my way."

Ohio State Fair Show Schedule

Ohio State Fair Dog Show Class Information - includes forms and entry info

Ohio State Fair Skillathon Information

The 2024 Ohio State Fair Dog Show JUNE 17-19 is open for entries.

Entries close May 21 at 1:00 pm. There are no late entries.

Please go to the Ohio State Fair website for detailed information at:


Scroll down to DOG SHOW. Read Competition Information and Information for entering dogs online.

Then click on the red - ENTER THE 2024 DOG SHOW (ENTRY LINK)



The 2024 Ohio State Fair Agility Trial July 24 is open for entries.

Entries close June 21 at 1:00 pm. There are no late entries.

Please go to this link to enter; https://go.osu.edu/osfagilityentries


The OSF Agility Trial is the first day of the fair. It has a different entry process and deadlines.

 Please contact your 4-H advisor for more information.