Please check back in 2024 for Cloverbud Day Camp Information

What is 4-H Cloverbud Day Camp?

The Cloverbud Day Camp is an opportunity for children to learn how to work together in large groups, and express their creativity in activity based, educational, and non-competitive camp sessions.

Youth will develop life skills, including social skills, fine motor skills and decision-making skills through the activities provided.

Why Camp?

We camp to provide unique experiences for the additional growth of 4-H members. Campers can relate and apply camp leadership and camp living experiences directly into their home, school, church, and community life.

4-H Camp is a place where youth may come to experience nature. Programs offered help 4-H members better understand and appreciate nature and out-of-doors. Appreciation comes from living with it and making its intimate acquaintance. The out-of-doors provides a wonderful opportunity for each camper to develop skills or hobbies for wise use of leisure time and not regard it as a period to be dreaded "because I have nothing to do". Constructive wise use of leisure time is essential in youth and adulthood.