March 15, 2023 - 3:55pm --

All youth who wish to complete a livestock project for 4-H or FFA are required by Ohio law to complete this training before exhibition. ALL Jr. Fair Exhibitors with market livestock (Lactating Dairy Cow, Lactating Dairy Goat, Beef, Dairy Beef, Dairy, Goats, Poultry (market and breeding), Rabbits (market and breeding), Sheep, and Swine) must participate in a QA program in order to show at the Allen County Fair.  

Quality Assurance Dates

  • May 15 at 7 pm   Full
  • May 23 at 7 pm  Full
  • May 31 at 7 pm Full
  • June 1 at 7 pm Closed

We are sorry that you missed all four of the Quality Assurance opportunities. We do offer an emergency QA session on June 20th at 6 pm. This QA is in person and costs $20 per exhibitor. Please CLICK HERE to register.