June 3, 2024 - 9:03am -- rex.87@osu.edu

Every fair exhibitor must make fair entries for each project that will be exhibited at the 2024 Allen Co. Fair. Entries must be made online before July 1st. Please read the Jr. Fair Handbook for complete information and Department, Division, and Class lists. 


Please sign up for Showmanship for Sheep, Swine, Horses, Dogs, and Llama/Alpacas. All other departments will have a sign up sheet at the fair for Showmanship. If you are entering Born and Raised, you must also enter that animal in the market class too. Please be aware that Horses, Dogs, and LLama/Alpaca entries must also enter each animal (1st animal, 2nd animal).

Failure to complete online entries will result in a penalty. See page 3 of the Jr. Fair Handbook.