August 8, 2022 - 2:49pm --

Click HERE to access the DUNF.

All market animals must complete an online DUNF prior to weigh in or at weigh in. DUNF are a requirement of the ODA to exhibit a market animal. 

Market Poultry Exhibitors click HERE first. This is the list of leg band numbers that are assigned to each exhibitor. You will need the leg band numbers in order to complete the DUNF.

Sheep, Dairy Beef, Market Beef, and Goats please use the tag number from your pre-fair weigh in.

Rabbits please list the tattoo numbers for each of your rabbits. Including your single fryer.

Swine will have to wait until your animals are tagged at weigh in on Friday, August 19th. You will need to complete this immediately after weigh in.